What we look for

ARECS is looking for a “can do” attitude. Fast learners who welcome daily challenges and keeping upping the bar for themselves have an easy way in. Being a technology company, ARECS looks for individuals who have had a career in technology or who are technology graduates. From software/hardware to business intelligence and from analytics to analysis, your skills will be nurtured and employed in a mutually constructive relationship.

Working environment

We at ARECS are open-minded and follow a constructive mindset which caters for an encouraging work environment. Our team works in a friendly environment and encourages mutual nurturing and support. Client deadlines are respected, but with proper planning & scoping and a positive environment, such deadlines become attainable.

Career development

ARECS is a growing firm that continues to look for talent. We invest in our team to grow them as we grow. The horizons are broad and promising. Your career development is closely tied to how much ownership you take and how quick you would like it to be. From us, you will get all the support.

Selection process

Like most firms, our selection process depends on three stages. First you email us your CV and communicate your interest. Based on a preliminary check, we will then invite you for two meetings.

First Meeting

During the first meeting, we will speak of your qualifications, experience, technical skills and go through your resume. We will also tell you more about us, our current needs and see if that matches your interest.

Second Meeting

Based on a mutually successful first meeting, we will then invite you for a second meeting where we look on your soft skills and deal with HR criteria. We will then contact you with the outcome.

Meet us

We attend several events anually in Germany, Euorpe and other regions. We will update this section with upcoming events we are attending.


We also welcome student interns from Bachelors and Masters degrees. We advertise in some universities and encourage you to contact us if you are interested to know more about what opportunities and openenings are currently available.


To apply please send your CV and a covering letter to the following address