DSPFE 82 : Highspeed DSP baseband development platform


The DSPFE 82 delivers a high performance DSP development platform. Major highlights are:

  • Spacious Xilinx Spartan6-SLX150T FPGA
  • 8x Phase coherent baseband RX channels
  • 2x Phase coherent baseband TX channels
  • System RX bandwidth: 8x16MHz or 4x32MHz IQ
  • System TX bandwidth: 2x50MHz or 1x100MHz IQ
  • 14-bit ADC and 16-bit DAC
  • 50dB variable gain amplifiers on all RX channels
  • 10 Gbps interface for demanding applications
  • 1 Gbps interface for low bandwidth applications
  • 50ppb integrated high stability OCXO
  • Ref In/Out


The DSPFE 82 is a DSP baseband platform that allows for rapid prototyping of custom radio transmitter and receiver designs, as well as general purpose DSP algorithms. The system provides eight phase coherent RX channels along with two transmit baseband channels. When run as IQ pairs, the system supports four IQ RX chanels and one IQ TX channel. Equipped with both Gigabit ethernet and 10Gigabit ethernet, the DSPFE 82 can be adapted to both high bandwidth and low bandwidth scenarios.


Utilizing tunable analog filters before the ADC, great interference rejection and selectivity can be acheived with the platform. The filters for every channel are tunable from 1->16 MHz in 1 MHz steps, thereby allowing for a maximum IQ channel bandwidth of 32MHz for four IQ channel pairs. The high performance is also assured by utilizing a very stable integrated OCXO, with 50 ppb frequency stability.

Software Radio prototyping can be carried out using GNURadio, a driver for which will be supplied by ARECS after release of the hardware. Alternatively, and since all the signal streams are processed in a single spacious Spartan 6 SLX150 FPGA (largest Spartan 6 with 23,038 logic and 180 DSP Slices), many possibilities for custom user designs are enabled.

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