AutobusGW 30 XL

The AutobusGW 30 XL is an FPGA-based high-density Automotive Bus Ethernet Gateway capable of providing access for up to 30 Automotive Bus ports in a 1U compact and modular design.

The XL version contains support for CANXL in addition to a full FPGA-based packet forwarding engine offering near zero latency.

High Performance

Under the hood is a Xilinx Ultrascale+ Zynq SoC featuring an FPGA with Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 processors. The tight integration of ARM processors and FPGA allows high port density without compromising performance.

FPGA-based CAN to Ethernet Packet Forwarding offering sub-microsecond Latency *HIGHLIGHT*

For many CAN users, realtime system performance is essential. Introducing Ethernet to the CAN bus introduces a non-zero latency which may or may not affect overall system performance. Utilizing a custom in-house FPGA packet forwarding engine, the AutobusGW XL is capable to forward CAN packets to and from Ethernet completely in FPGA logic with ZERO processor interaction. This offers unparalleled throughput and latency performance not achievable using processor-based gateways.

Modular Design

The AutobusGW XL is a modular platform. Every group of 6 front-panel interfaces are internally controlled by an IO-Module daughterboard implementing support for a particular Automotive Bus standard. It is therefore possible to configure the AutobusGW XL according to the customer’s needs. In a full CAN scenario, 30 CAN ports are provided on the front panel.

Please contact us for custom user configuartions.

10 Gigabit Multicast Payload Network Interface

The time-critical payload traffic is transmitted over 10G Ethernet with UDP encapsulation. Multicast is used to allow for a flexible multi-gateway topology.

Galvanically Isolated CAN Ports with Switchable Termination

The CAN ports offer galvanic isolation with one floating ground per port. The 120 Ohm Termination resistor is also dynamically switchable (using a true analog switch) via the software API.

Simple Configuration with REST API over Gigabit Ethernet

The configuration interface of the AutobusGW is a simple-to-use REST API.

Payload is transmitted to and from the gateway using UDP over IP Multicast, allowing virtual CAN networks to extend across multiple AutobusGW XL devices.

Extendable: Multibox Operation Mode

Using the second gigabit Ethernet port (e1), it is possible to let virtual CAN buses extend over multiple AutobusGW units. The CAN packets are broadcast on the second network interface, which allows all AutobusGW units to listen and process the packets. Using this option, it is possible to dynamically redefine many virtual CAN buses which extend over multiple physical AutobusGW XL units without any recabling.

Product Highlights

  • Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA SoC
  • Quad Core 64-bit ARMv8 Processors with 1.5GHz
  • FPGA Based forwarding of CAN/CANFD/CANXL packets for sub-microsecond latency
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Dual SFP+ cages for 10G expansion for low-latency high-bandwidth applications
  • 4 USB2/USB3 ports
  • 1U form factor for high port density


The AutobusGW XL is planned for Q4 2023.


Will be made available when released.