This document introduces the user to the ARECS AutobusGW. The AutobusGW (ABGW) is an automotive bus gateway with flexible configuration. Depending on the variant of the gateway, different bus standards will be available on the front panel IO connectors. As an example, the C24S6 variant contains 24 CAN and 6 SENT ports.


  • LIN: improved handling of incomplete JSONs for API URL /lin/config/<ch>
  • Added DHCP & VLAN support for e0.
  • USB Support.
  • LIN:
    • Aligned LIN RX timestamp with end of CRC stop bit.
    • Disabled setting of frame contents to (0x11223344556677) upon configuring LIN port.
    • Disabled restarting TCP interface or port if the new configuration contains no changes.
  • SENT:
    • Disabled restarting TCP interface or port if the new configuration contains no changes.
  • LIN:
    • State machine improvements.
    • New LIN messages & updated LIN TCP frame format.
    • lin/tcp_config: only restart LIN TCP engine if port is changed.
  • SENT:
    • sent/tcp_config: only restart SENT TCP engine if port is changed.
    • Fix null values for some fields in the reply body of PUT requests (port_index, vbus_index).
  • SENT Bugfix
  • CAN:
    • TX Completions
  • CAN:
    • Introduction of CAN hardware timestamps.
    • Usage of 2 reserved 32-bit words in TCP Format to communicate RX timestamps.

v2.3.3: Fixed bug in SENT API.

v2.3.2: Improve robustness of can port detection.

  • API:
    • Introduction of port_index for can_channel_config.
    • Introduction of vbus_index and port_indices for can_vbus_config.
  • CAN:
    • Flexible loading of CAN configuration allowing for independent loading of VBUS configuations.
    • Fixed bug affecting CANFD frame integrity in some situations.
    • Fixed bug causing VBUS TCP socket to stop processing frames in some situations.

v2.2.0: Added support for flelixble hardware configurations.

v2.1.0: Add LIN subsystem support.

v2.0.0: New Driver supporting higher throughputs.

v1.4.0: Large performance optimizations in CAN subsystem. Introduce UDP sockets for network->CAN path.

v1.3.6: Queue Length optimization to absorb bursty TCP traffic into CAN queues. Helps in decreasing CAN message latency.

v1.3.5: Add SENT TCP Interface. CAN Transceivers now remain completely powered off when interface is still uninitialized.

v1.3.0: Updated mcan driver interrupt handling. Updated kernel. cangw ignores unserviced TCP sockets.

v1.2.1: Fixed mcan driver bug causing traffic stop under some high-load situations (adjust quota).

v1.2: Added logging options.

v1.1: Added sample-point and dsample-point.

v1.0: Initial release.