Firmware Update


Updating the firmware is possible using the same HTTP REST API used for interacting with the gateway. In case of failed update, it is always possible to start the gateway in recovery mode by keeping the recovery push button pressed for five seconds after power-cycling the unit. The power supply switch on the back can be used to power cycle the unit.

Uploading new firmware

Updating firmware is achieved using a PUT request to /system/update_firmware. The binary content of the firmware update file must be supplied in the fw_file argument of the HTTP PUT request. As with all other HTTP requests, the password must be supplied using HTTP authentication when not running in recovery mode. Updating firmware is possible out of both recovery mode and normal operation mode.

Please allow enough time for the firmware update to take place without disconnecting power or interrupting network communication. The time required until the API responds with OK is around 2 minutes. The time required after this for the system to be back online with the new firmware active is around 90 seconds.

Example of updating firmware using curl (gateway has IP and the factory-default blank password):

curl -i -u 'admin:' -X PUT "" -F "fw_file=@autobusgw-1.0.0.bin"

System Configuration Data

System configuration is preserved across firmware updates. Specifically: system name, password and network interface configuration are not overwritten during a firmware update. Booting into recovery mode however will overwrite these settings back to factory defaults.